The Old Fashioned


The Old Fashioned is the founding father of cocktails.

Did you know…. that if you were to go to a bar in the mid 1800s and order a cocktail you would have received an Old Fashioned. No questions asked. Why? I’ll tell you.

A cocktail is defined as any spirit with sugar and bitters and it wasn’t until barkeeps began creating new concoctions that the original cocktail needed a name. It was then deemed the Old Fashioned because patrons that weren’t interested in new fangled libations would simply say “I’ll just have an Old Fashioned.” And thus the father of all cocktails was born.

Let us not forget our roots, commoners. We wouldn’t be where we are without those that came before. Don’t get lost in the sometimes fun but mostly overdone dog and pony show of modern mixology. After all, we’re just trying to wet our whistle and focus on the good life for one got daaaang minute.

An Old Fashioned is comprised of sugar, bitters, water and spirit. Simple as that. Where it all began.

You can make an Old Fashioned with any spirit. I’m partial to bourbon so I’ll give you my recipe:


  • 2 oz Bourbon

  • 1 sugar cube or ½ oz simple syrup

  • 3 dashes of bitters 

Get yourself a rocks glass. Drop in a sugar cube or ½ oz of simple syrup. Give it 3 legit dashes of bitters (Angostura is my go-to). Pour in 2 oz of bourbon (Old Forester Signature, Knob Creek or Rossels). Add ice. Stir with your finger, a straw, a chopstick, the handle of a spatula, or a fancy bar spoon. The world is your oyster. Express a lemon peel over top. Drop in the peel. Drink.

Old Fashioned Cocktail Recipe
Ben Richardson