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December's Craft Cocktail Kit: The Holly Jolly Juice

December 02, 2021 3 min read

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Introducing the December Cocktail Kit

Holly Jolly Juice — Starring: The Cadet Punch & The Earl of Punch

If you are reading this we can safely say that you are likely fond of a well made drink. If you are anything like us here at Cocktail Commons, you probably enjoy sharing well made drinks with friends and family. And isn’t it a pain how those two things don’t always mix?! You know that moment when you’re hosting friends and making thoughtful cocktails; by the time you’ve made 3 there are 3 more empty and by the time the party is over you’ve barely sat down and enjoyed the camaraderie! So how can you avoid the citrus squeezing and measuring and shaking and stirring and pouring? How do you get to host, provide lovely cocktails and enjoy the company of friends? So glad you asked. Punch!

What is the best cocktail punch to serve around the holidays?

First, let's start with "What is a cocktail punch?"

Well, it's giant cocktail that you have crafted ahead of time. And this month’s kit will focus on just that. We will be discussing 2 different punches that are not your typical fizzy, fruity, watery things that you may have experienced before. These are legit large format cocktails meant for the discerning drinker in all of us. The December Warm and Toasty kit will provide you with everything  you need (minus the booze) to make these punches and add them to your repertoire.

Specifically — The classic, boozy Cadet Punch AND our signature Early of Punch.

Now, who wants to mix up some holiday cocktail goodness?

We thought you'd never ask. This month's menu is all about this magical holiday cheer so let's dive right in to see what's included when you order.

What's Included?

  • Aromatic Commons Bitters: These classic style bitters add depth and spice to your cocktails. Combining traditional baking spice flavors with bright citrus you have a traditional bitter that quietly takes your cocktail to the next level.

  • Holiday Citrus Cordial: Cinnamon and spice and everything in between. Tart citrus to add some acidity to your punch that is balanced and seasonally minded with allspice, clove, cardamom and everything nice.

  • Commons Punch Base: The classic foundation for a good punch is oleo saccharum. By covering lemon rinds in sugar, the essential oils are extracted from the peels giving you a rich, citrus base to brighten this crowd-pleaser of a punch.

  • Earl Grey Concentrate: Bringing the depth of bergamot and warmth of black tea this addition to your punch softens all the rough edges while keeping it classy and interesting.

  • Dried Flowers: These dried flowers bring aesthetic and aroma. Float them in your punch for a crowd pleasing wow factor that will also add another level to your drinking experience.

  • Dried Citrus Wheel: Hand cut and dried to preserve flavor and aroma. This citrus is pleasing to eye and the nose...especially after it is soaked in booze.

  • Gold Parisian Cocktail Shaker: Because it’s the season of giving. We are including a beautiful Parisian style cocktail shaker with a gold finish. This shaker will come in handy for your kit and will also become a staple on your home bar for many parties to come.


    What you'll learn in your mixology class at home:

    • How to steep herbs for cocktail mixers:We will focus on lavender and the best ways incorporate it into your cocktails

    • How to measure ingredients:The proper process for constructing your cocktail while eliminating waste and errors.

    • How to properly use a cocktail shaker: learn how to shake a cocktail. We will also cover some alternative options for shaking if your shaker isn’t handy.

    • How to build a cocktail: we will discuss how Chartreuse is made, it’s awesome history, where it comes from and some common substitutes

    • The basics of Whiskey: we will discuss how whiskey is made, it’s impressive history, where it comes from and some common misconceptions

    • How to peel & express citrus: Maximize your garnishes and the flavor of your cocktail while completing the aesthetic experience of a well-made cocktail.

      So if you've been looking to make more rum cocktails...

      This kit is for you! Perfectly refreshing with a few flavor profiles that will tickle the palate and sintillate the senses.


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