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September's Craft Cocktail Kit: Herbal Mischief

September 07, 2021 3 min read

September's Herbal Mischief Cocktails
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Introducing the September Cocktail Kit

Herbal Mischief — Starring: The Chartreuse (and homemade) tonic & The Green Giant

September is here and the heat is being less of a sweaty jerk. We’re looking forward to cooler weather and it’s so close we can almost taste it. Almost. But not quite. So let’s keep our whistles wet and our palates refreshed this month with some herbal libations meant for emancipation from this summer gestation.  

I’m talking about herbs folks. Herbs, flowers, roots, barks and booze. Crazy concoctions that are hundreds of years old. Chartreuse is the name of the game. We will dive into some history surrounding Chartreuse and it’s ethos as well as take an in-depth look into 2 cocktails that showcase this magical monastic moonshine. 

Chartreuse, who?

The first cocktail we will cover is the Chartreuse Tonic. You will receive a housemade tonic concentrate with the main ingredient being cinchona bark which is the main flavoring agent used in a classic tonic water. Cinchona is where quinine comes from and has medicinal properties that were used to treat malaria. When you add Chartreuse to our Commons Tonic you get a refreshing, herbal, floral, complex explosion of goodness that will bolster your spirits, sharpen your wits and keep you malaria free (Please consult your doctor if you have concerns about malaria). Served over ice and topped off with bubbles this hot little number is end-of-summer banger.

Our second cocktail is an original inspired by a cocktail aptly named Green Giant.

It is inspired by an amazing cocktail my co-worker had on the menu at Staplehouse called Little Green. The Green Giant takes the herbal nature of Chartreuse, adds some vegetal austerity with a celery tincture, brightens things up with citrus and then lightens everything with a vegan eggwhite substitute, aquafaba. This Giant is shaken, frothy and cold, served on the rocks and ready for action. 

We will cover techniques that will enhance your home bartending skills...

...discuss some history that will give you some good party banter, AND you’ll receive some glassware that will class up the joint. I look forward to nerding out about Chartreuse and sharing some of my bartending knowledge with you. It’s gonna be a September to remember.

Now, who wants to make a chartreuse cocktail?

We thought you'd never ask. This month's menu is all about this magical green juice so let's dive right in to see what's included when you order.


What's Included?:

  • Commons Tonic: Our housemade tonic brings rounded bitterness to our classic cocktail Cinchona, gentian, citrus sour, sugar water

  • Commons Celery Tincture: a concentrated celery flavor preserved in neutral spirit.

  • Citrus Concentrate: Just what you guessed. It’s citrus. But it’s concentrated. Lime and lemon peels that have been macerated to extract the essential oils and then combined with fresh juice and citric acid. Perfect to give all the citrus essence without watering down your cocktail.

  • Aquafaba: made from soaking legumes in water. The proteins that are retained can take the place of egg whites and are often used in vegan baking as an egg white replacement. We will be using them as an egg white alternative for our Green Giant cocktail.

  • Candied Orange Peels: An aromatic and tasty garnish made with love.

  • Fresh Lemon: A lovely and vibrant garnish

  • A Pair (2) of Rocks Glasses: A pair made in heaven, these etched vessels are bound to inspire fanciful imbibing


    What you'll learn in your mixology class at home:

    • How to measure ingredients: We will discuss why consistency is important to crafting cocktails and honing your skills.

    • How to properly use a cocktail shaker: learn how to shake a cocktail. We will also cover some alternative options for shaking if your shaker isn’t handy.

    • The basics of herbal liqueurs: we will discuss how Chartreuse is made, it’s awesome history, where it comes from and some common substitutes

    • How to emulsify aquafaba: Aquafaba can be used much like an egg white. Aquafaba adds a viscosity to your cocktail that is unique and adds richness and depth.

    • How to peel & express citrus: Maximize your garnishes and the flavor of your cocktail while completing the aesthetic experience of a well-made cocktail.

      So if you've been looking to make more rum cocktails...

      This kit is for you! Perfectly refreshing with a few flavor profiles that will tickle the palate and sintillate the senses.


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