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February's Craft Cocktail Kit: St. Valentine Sours

February 09, 2021 3 min read

Introducing the February Craft Cocktail Kit 

St. Valentine's Sours

Starring: The Classic Amaretto Sour & The Whiskey Sour (a rich & tart staple that will become your new favorite)

Winter is almost over (I don't care what that damn groundhog says) and our taste buds are looking for something a little brighter yet still savory to wet our whistles.

This month we are taking it sour with the Classic Amaretto Sour and a Whiskey Ginger Sour. We'll be learning all about the Amaretto Sour, how to make it, it’s rich history, and gain some new techniques that can be used throughout your craft cocktail journey. Want to come along?

Let's dive right in to some brief history and what you can get excited about within this month's kit:

What we think we know about the Amaretto Sour...

It is commonly believed that the Amaretto Sour was created in America in the 1970s. This was around the time when Italian spirits and liqueurs were starting to become more commonplace in the States.

The Italian community had been trying to introduce their drinks into the country for a while, but traditional Italian spirits typically had a strong bitterness that was not popular with most Americans who preferred their alcohol on the sweet side (come on, America. Grow up.) 

The Italians never gave up, however, and Amaretto DiSarrano was imported and stocked at most watering holes. This was a new and delicious flavor to the American bar – sweet, nutty and extremely palatable. It was a hit. Bartenders began making all sorts of cocktails using the newly discovered amaretto liqueur, with the Amaretto Sour being one of the firsts with widespread popularity.



See?! They are having so much fun while being super sexy... thanks, St. Valentine, for the vibes.

However... there is much more to this story (and beverage) than we know today and that is exactly what we are exploring this month.

Want to learn the untold story and why we love the Amaretto Sour so much?

Go ahead and sign up for your Commons Kit Membership before February 21st and we'll share the hot goss. 


What’s Included?

(Each Kit Serves 8)

  • Aquafaba (We're going vegan!): Made from soaking legumes in water. The proteins that are retained can take the place of egg whites and are often used in vegan baking as an egg white replacement. We will be using them as an egg white alternative for our classic sours in the this kit.

  • Lemon Concentrate: Just what you guessed. It’s lemon. But it’s concentrated. Lemon peels that have been macerated to extract the essential oils and then combined with lemon juice and citric acid. Perfect to give all the lemon essence without watering down your cocktail.

  • Commons Amaretto: Amaretto is Italian for “little” or “softly” bitter. It is made from almonds and apricot pits and then flavored with citrus, spices and sugar to round out all the edges. This is our, sexy, version of a traditional Amaretto.

  • Amarena Cherries: Amarena cherries that have been soaked and flavored for your enjoyment. The perfect garnish and accompaniment to many cocktails but no Amaretto Sour is complete without a quality cherry.

  • Fresh Orange: to peel & garnish

  • Classic ShakerA stainless steel cocktail shaker in a classic style. This quality shaker is a crucial part of any home bar. We will be discussing how to use it to get the most out of your drinks.

Techniques you’ll learn

  • How to emulsify aquafaba | Aquafaba can be used much like an egg white - giving you a rich, velvety cocktail with depth and without the animal protein (you're welcome, vegans!).

  • How to measure ingredients | We will discuss why consistency is important to crafting cocktails and honing your skills.

  • How to express citrus | Primarily for flavor enhancement and aroma - completing the cocktail experience.

  • How to peel citrus | Maximize your garnishes and flavor of your cocktail.


What Now?

You’re well on your way to a lovely craft cocktail and some knowledge that will serve you well on your bartending journey — now go get yourself a Commons Kit membership or one time kit and let's get mixing!


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