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November's Craft Cocktail Kit: It's Tiki Time!

October 22, 2020 3 min read

Introducing the November Craft Cocktail Kit

It's Tiki Time

Ah, the 'good ol' days.' Cigarettes were healthy. White bread had vitamins. Dad read the newspaper while mom folded laundry. The kids played with a puppy in the front yard. America was clean as a whistle and nobody asked any questions.

More? OK.

Politicians were honest and cared about Mother Nature. The government put the citizens first. War was a thing of the past. Everything was like a Norman Rockwell painting. I mean, Uncle Sam just gave us our booze back (after 13 years), we survived the great depression, men were at work building railroads, our president was creating beautiful national parks and we had jobs paving roads. Roads made for all of us to drive our brand new station wagons into the heart of the most beautiful places in this country.

So, yeah, it seems only natural that one may choose a little dash of willful ignorance topped off with a smidge of who-gives-a-shit and poured over some ice cold entitlement.

I enjoy Tiki cocktails a whole heck of alot. I enjoy them so much that I decided to dedicate the contents of this month’s kit to Tiki Time. But this picture is an important one to paint.

This is the environment from whence Tiki Cocktails came. A dog and pony show that was too enjoyable to question. 

So what are tiki drinks, anyways?

The short answer?

With the opening of  Ernest Gantt's Don the Beachcomber restaurant in Hollywood, CA and Victor Bergeron's Trader Vic’s restaurant in Oakland, CA...  Hollywood's idea that dining could be an escape or “slice of paradise” really started to make its way onto the scene. Donn Beach and Trader Vic are the most famous for their Tiki establishments that were decked out in tropical decor and featured “exotic” cuisine. 

The long answer?

Go ahead and sign up for your Commons Kit Membership before November 8th and we'll share way more :)

What’s Included

  • Commons Orgeat: Orgeat is an almond based syrup that is a key component in many Tiki Cocktails. It adds texture and depth to help round out some of the brighter tart flavors in the classic Tiki flavor profile. Our orgeat is housemade and ready to party. We use organic almonds, organic sugar and high quality orange blossom water for this limited release. The almonds are roasted and then simmered low and slow (like most good things) with spices and sugar to create a rich nutty orgeat.

  • Lime Concentrate:  This lime concentrate helps double down on lime flavors without doubling up the tartness. We extract the essential citrus oil from the lime peels and add that to fresh, organic lime juice. After these components are combined we add a small amount of magic, aka citric acid to keep the product shelf stable and longer lasting that fresh lime juice.

  • DeLUX Cherries: These bad boys are delicious and we will definitely throw in a couple for snacking. They are our Cocktail Commons take on Luxardo Cherries and they live up to the hype. Made by hand and spiced to perfection, DeLUX cherries will add a delicious treat to any cocktail — but especially these Tiki delights.

  • Traditional Tiki Mugs: What’s a Tiki Cocktail without a Tiki Mug? Included in this month’s Kit you will receive 2 unique selections of our ceramic Tiki Mugs. They’ll make your drinking experience more fun and also bring some eye candy to your bar cart.

  • Festive Tiki Umbrellas: Tiki is all about over-the-top aesthetics. So we’re adding some Tiki umbrellas to grace the tops of your mugs. You can use them to skewer your cherry or just to help shade your cocktail. Don't be shy... be extra.

  • Fresh lime:To use for garnish

Techniques you’ll learn

  • How to measure ingredients for the perfect cocktails. We will discuss why consistency is important to crafting cocktails and honing your skills.

  • How to properly shake a cocktail. We will also cover some alternative options for cocktail shakers.

  • How to change the texture of your cocktail

  • How to cut citrus for clean and attractive garnishes.

Tiki drinks are often mistaken for a summer beverage, but in fact with all of their fall spices they are the 100% perfect for our transition into chilly fall weather while still bringing the ‘escape’ of the islands.

You’re well on your way to a lovely craft cocktail and some knowledge that will serve you well on your bartending journey — now go get yourself a Commons Kit membership and let's get mixing!

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